BAAD Art Center


About BAAD Art Center Reservoir

The BAAD Art Center is a public institution for Contemporary Art supported by the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design Jerusalem. It is located in southern Tel-Aviv, as part of the MFA Program.

In the course of the years 2012-13 BAAD collected five hundreds works of art in all mediums; from sculpture to performance, painting to sound and video art. The selection of each work, on loan for a limited period of time, was the individual choice of the participating artists. Thus creating a Reservoir of and for Israeli contemporary art and its practice, which is the conceptual and physical core of BAAD.

This Reservoir is the raw state of a structure which incorporates stage-based performances, film screenings, and a gallery, along with video interviews, podcasts, playlists, and facebook-based exhibitions. We invite art practitioners and thinkers to produce narratives serving as articulation which furthers this platform and simultaneously contextualize its object.

The object of the research we are conducting is a formless mass to be consumed by those who create it, through multiple channels. It implicates a principle of activity, an interface for generating unforeseen links at unexpected time. Perhaps an illusion of a consensus,  the social apparatus; its ceremonies, its beliefs, its aesthetic, its architecture, positions BAAD’s activity as operating beyond current states of affair.

curator: Jonathan Touitou